Apply for membership

As a full member of the association you have to possibility to participate in the in service training and aptitude testing organized by the association. Both full and associate members receive information on AAI dogs. Our annual full membership fee is €20.  Starting from 2017, the joining fee for a new member is €5 in addition to the annual fee. A degree in social work, healthcare or education is required for full membership.

The annual fee for associate members is €10. There are no educational requirements for associate members.

Membership benefits include for example a Facebook group, newsletters, aptitude tests, in-field tests, in service training on AAI, workshops etc. You can also order membership merchandise at our webshop. You can become a member by registering at our Nepton membership platform at,

follow the instructions given there. After successful registering, the platform will automatically send you an invoice for the membership to the email you gave.

Should you have problems using the Nepton membership platform, please contact the Treasurer

Eeva Kahilaniemi at or +358 40 7378 028.