In Service Training on Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI) (10 study credits)

The Finnish Association for Dog Assisted Intervention organizes in service training on AAI in cooperation with JAMK University of Applied Sciences. The course takes place in Jyväskylä and is worth 10 study credits. The course is meant for practitioners with a degree in social work, healthcare or education who need dog assisted working methods in their line of work. The course provides skills and methods practitioners can use in their respective fields. The course gives the practitioner an understanding of the benefits but also limitations of AAI.  

The course consists of four (4) weekends of contact instructions as well as independent study. The weekend workshops cover topics such as the basics of AAI and ethical questions when working with animals. Practitioners from different fields showcase how they use AAI in their work. The course also covers the basics of canine body language and what to take into account when training a dog for AAI. There is also a possibility to train your dog on the course but owning a dog is not a prerequisite for taking the course.

The independent study offers a more in-depth view on the theory behind AAI. During the independent study you will take part in group discussions and write written assignments based on what you have learned.

The teachers on the course are specialists from the fields of social work, healthcare and education as well as canine behavior. There is also a lecture by a representative of the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation.

The course is taught in Finnish.