Statutes and Internal Regulations

The goal of the Finnish Association for Dog Assisted Intervention (Koirat kasvatus- ja kuntoutustyössä, Hundar inom fostran och rehabiliteringsarbete rf.) is to enhance and develop dog assisted work in the fields of social work, healthcare and education. When using the dog assisted method, the practitioner uses the dog to enhance a person’s physical, psychological and social well-being and learning. The work is goal-oriented and requires a degree in social work, healthcare or education.

The association is based in Helsinki but operates in the whole country. The association is bilingual using Finnish and Swedish.

The association offers training and education on Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI), aptitude and field tests, maintains a webpage and participates in international activities.

The Finnish Association for Dog Assisted Intervention is a non-profit organization. The association accepts donations directly or through last wills. It also collects a membership fee to support its operation.

Persons interested in Animal Assisted Intervention and holding a degree in social work, healthcare or education can become members of the association. One can become an associate member even without the aforementioned professional degree. New members are accepted by the board of the association. Members are not required to own a dog. One can quit the association by notifying the association via email. Paid membership fees will not be returned. The board also right to fire a member if they have violated the association or its code of conduct by their actions.

The association is run by a board comprising of a chair, six members and two deputy members. The board is chosen for a year at a time at the annual meeting of the association. The board holds authority when minimum half of the board members, the chair and vice-chair are present. Possible votes are called by majority rule. If the vote should be a tie, the chair holds the decisive vote.   

The associations fiscal year follows the calendar year. The financial statements with all other necessary documents is handed over to the auditor no later than three weeks before the annual meeting.


Agenda for the annual meeting:

  1. Call to order
  2. Selection of chair, secretary, two examiners of the minutes, and two vote counters
  3. Legality and authority of the meeting
  4. Approval of the agenda
  5. Financial statement, annual report and accountants’ statement
  6. Approval of financial statements and resolution on the discharge of the members of the board and other staff from liability
  7. Approval of strategy, annual budget and the amount of joining & membership fee
  8. Election of chair and other board members
  9. Elections of 1-2 auditors and their deputy auditors
  10. Other matters on the agenda
  11. Closing of the meeting

Should a member wish a matter to be discussed at the annual meeting, they should notify the board in good time so the matter can be added to the agenda before invitation to the meeting is sent off. The invitation is sent to board members no later than seven days before the meeting. The time of the annual meeting is announced on the association’s website no later than 10 days prior to the meeting. It is held between January and May. The association holds other meetings when needed. Meetings and current affairs are announced on the association’s website and in the newsletters sent to members by email.  


Change of rules and regulations or the closing of the association requires minimum ¾ of the ballots cast in the meeting. Change of rules and regulations or the closing of the association will be mentioned in the invitation to the meeting.


Otherwise the association abides by the laws and regulations mandating the operation of an association.

NB: It is forbidden to copy or use the texts and/or pictures on the website of the Finnish Association for Dog Assisted Intervention!