The finnish association for dog assisted intervention

The Finnish Association for Dog Assisted Intervention was founded on 2010 by practitioners working in different fields. Our goal is to bring together people interested in Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI), in our case especially using dogs, as well as organize further education on AAI and offer peer support. We aim to raise awareness of professional and goal-oriented dog assisted work, in which the dog works with the professional. AAI combines the professional skills of the handler in the field of social work, healthcare or education with broad knowledge and understanding of AAI as a working method and the species-specific behavioral needs of the animal used in the method. In AAI the dog is used as a functional method following the ethical guidelines of the association.

On an international scale, AAI already has a significant status. Professional AAI using dogs is increasing fast also in Finland. The Finnish Association for Dog Assisted Intervention facilitates this work by organizing further education in cooperation with JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

As a member you will become a part of a multidisciplinary network of practitioners. You will receive a newsletter in your email at least twice a year and for a fee you will have the opportunity to participate in the training organized by the association. Our annual membership fee is €20.  Starting from 2017, the joining fee for a new member is €5 in addition to the annual fee. Join us and become a member!

The Finnish Association for Dog Assisted Intervention is a member of the Care Dog Division of the Finnish Kennel Club as well as Green Care Finland ry.